Finding the best air rifle under $200 is tougher than you can imagine.  Because, your budget is limited and you have to know the reason why are you going to buy an air rifle, if you want to find the best air rifle under $200.

Are you going to buy air rifle just for small hunting? Or, you want to buy an air rifle for target shooting?

So, we picked the best air rifle under $2oo and those rifles have overall good performance.

As we have to find the best air rifle under $200, so our choice is limited. Let’s check out the list of best air rifles under $200.

Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Piston Air Rifle


If you are looking for best air rifle under $200 for small game hunting, this one is obviously the best option for you. The 4×32 CenterPoint scope which is equipped with the air rifle is perfect for hunting small game. The 4x zooming is better for viewing long distances object.

It is not a spring powered air rifle, it is using Nitro Piston technology, so, you don’t have to worry about springs freezing up in cold.

Nitro piston technology increases the amount of power the air rifle puts out. So, you can obviously say, this air rifle is worth that budget.

This 22 caliber air rifle is made of quality materials and it will last for a long time for sure. This air rifle suits all, either you are right handed or left, you can easily use this air rifle.

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Benjamin 392

Benjamin 393 is another best air rifle produced by Benjamin.

Benjamin is renowned for making best air rifles with accuracy, strong design and overall best performance for years. Benjamin 392 is that kind of air rifle with all of those good qualities.

Though the Benjamin 392 is not best for hunting small game,, it’s best for target shooting. You can also use it for pest control, without having any doubt.

The 22 caliber Benjamin 392 air rifle will only fire pellets. The pump action of this rifle made it more powerful. This rifle can shoot the pellets up to 685 fps while fully pumped.

Though, you don’t need that much power so you can use fewer pumps according to your need. The front sights of the rifle are fixed but the rear sights of this rifle are adjustable for wind and elevation.

This air rifle doesn’t come with a scope for magnifying. But, you can equip one with a small budget.


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Crosman Optimus Break Barrel Air Rifle

For hunting small game, this is more than a rifle. This is probably the best air rifle under $200 for hunting, because, this rifle can shoot pellets up to 1200 fps.

It is one of the most powerful air rifles under $2oo. The average pellet velocity is up to 1000 fps and alloy pellet can reach up to 1200 fps, which is obviously great for this budget.

This rifle is almost 45 inches long and the weight is about 7 lbs. The fiber optic front sight and adjustable rear sight is perfect for accurate shooting.

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We hope you will find the best Air gun for you from this list.



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