BenQ RL2755HM Review


A monitor is an important part of gaming. But, most of us ignore this product while building a beast setup! You can’t just play beast games on a tiny monitor.

But, buying a gaming monitor is really confusing. There are tons of product on the market to choose from. But, if you don’t know the basics of a monitor, you may not be able to buy the best monitor on your budget. Especially, if your budget is limited, you have no option without researching before you buy this important part.

A monitor can change the way of your view. But, best gaming monitors doesn’t mean to be very costly! If your budget is $300 for a gaming monitor, there are some best gaming monitors you can buy!

Monitor name Refresh rateResponse timeConnectivity 
ASUS VG248QE 144 Hz1 msDual-link DVI-D,HDMI & DisplayPortCheck Price
Acer GN246HL144 Hz1 msVGA, DVI & HDMICheck Price
LG 24GM79G-B144 Hz1 msDisplayPort, HDMI and USB 3.0Check Price
BenQ RL2755HM144 Hz1 ms D-sub, DVI-DL (Dual Link), HDMI, Headphone JackCheck Price
Philips 242G5DJEB 144 Hz1 msD-Sub, DVI, HDMI, HDMI-MHL,DP, Audio In/Out, USB 3.0Check Price


A 24 ” Full HD monitor with 144 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time can really enhance your gaming performance. You heard it right, we are talking about  ASUS VG248QE is that monitor including 3D vision technology and some cool features.

The design of the monitor is attractive with an awesome adjustable stand. You can adjust the height of the monitor easily along with adjusting the viewing direction. You can set the monitor normally or can change the direction and it’s suits every position from tilt to pivot.There are built-in 2-watt speakers, though they are not so powerful. In the bezel of the front side, there are keys to control brightness, contrast, color saturation and different viewing modes.

The gaming performance of the monitor is impressive. 144 Hz refresh rate of the monitor, delivers ultra-smooth motion in action scenes. You don’t have to face blur images because, the refresh rate it rapid, which will extremely reduce ghosting. To ensure fluid and crystal clear video playback, the monitor has an awesome response time of 1 ms.

80,000,000:1 ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio of this monitor will enhance your gaming performance by adjusting the luminance of the backlight to show the darkest black and the brightest light. The splendid video intelligence technology optimizes the image and video quality by increasing color, contrast, brightness. You can select any mode using the keys placed on the front panel.

NVIDIA 3D feature will transform gaming and movie experience to 3D! This is an uncommon feature , which is not available on most of the best gaming monitors under $300.

  • 144 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time
  • Adjustable stand
  • 3D technology
  • Cool design
  • TN panel
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Acer GN246HL Bbid

If you are looking for a big screen 3D gaming display, then Acer GN246HL Bbid may be the best option for you. Elegant design with awesome features makes it one of the best gaming monitors under $300.

The design of the monitor is so impressive. Slim design with quality features inside – it’s the definition of this monitor. The first viewing will satisfy you for sure. There is an X shape stand with the monitor, which is different than most of the other monitors in the market. The stand will fit on any space.

The monitor has an amazing Full HD display with 144 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time. which is a must-have feature for a competitive gamer. You will be able to play any faster game either FPS game or racing game, without ghosting, as the refresh rate is faster and twice than a standard gaming monitor.

You can connect your mobile device and play any multimedia content on the monitor, without any setup. The contrast ratio is 100 million: 1, so, you will have a crystal clear view of your content without losing image quality. Lightboosting can be used with NVIDIA video cards. It’s a flicker-free monitor, so, you won’t have the strain in your eyes even after playing for hours.


  • 144 Hz refresh rate
  •  1 ms response time
  • Full HD Display
  •  Good image quality
  • Non-adjustable height
  • No speakers

LG 24GM79G-B

LG 24gm79g-b Review

Your life will be good with an LG gaming monitor which have Full HD 24″ Display, 144 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time. LG 24GM79G-B is such kind of gaming monitor.

The design of the monitor is simply awesome. This monitor has an adjustable stand to adjust the height level of the monitor. You can change the standing position of the monitor from normal to pivot, tilt, and this is 100 x 100 mm VESA compatible. An anti-glare 3H coating of the monitor eliminates sunlight reflection. Though the monitor has TN panel, the tilting position will help you to play games by matching your position without contrasting the colors.

You can play almost all competitive console and pc games with this freaking awesome monitor because the refresh rate of the monitor is 144 Hz and the response time is 1 ms. Faster response time will reduce motion blur and you can play any actionable move without ghosting/ missing any scene. If any game has dark scenes, you won’t need to worry because the Black Stabilizer feature of this monitor will highlight the dark place where your hidden enemies are waiting to attack you.

In the front panel of the monitor, there are some impressive gaming modes. You can change the gaming modes according to your game. There are 3 gaming modes, and there is the option for your customize gaming mode too. Using gaming modes, you will be able to enhance your gaming performance for a particular type of game.

You can play optimized and fast-place gaming with Dynamic Gaming Sync, a feature that minimizes input lags so that you can play RTS games responsively. As the monitor supports FreeSync, so AMD users will be able to enjoy seamless, fluid movement throughout games without upgrading the existing graphics card.

The monitor is good, the game is good, so the life is also good.


  • 144 Hz refresh rate and
  • FreeSync enabled.
  • Adjustable stand
  • Gaming modes
  • TN panel
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BenQ RL2755HM


BenQ RL2755HM Review


BenQ RL2755HM is especially for console gamers. The fast refreshing rate of the monitor will help you to play competitive console games. But, this is a hybrid monitor. This means you can also play PC games comfortably on this monitor.

BenQ RL2755HM is a 27” full HD monitor with lag-free 1 ms GTG response rate. Design of this monitor is a lil bit different. The convenient rubber stand of the monitor is pretty impressive. You can place your console’s controller on the stand, while you are not playing the game. You will be able to place your Xbox controller to without any hesitation.

At the back, there is a foldable flap, so that you can keep your headphone there, while you are not using them. But, the flap should break if your headphone is too heavy as the flap is not that strong. Built-in audio speakers will help you to play something without speakers.

Full HD display with the fastest refresh rate (1ms) combo makes this monitor perfect for gaming. There will be no ghosting issues with the monitor because the refresh rate is faster. You can play FPS games fluently on this monitor without any hesitation.

The color performance of the monitor is awesome. The built-in 20 color vibrancy will meet up your demand to play any game. This unique feature is accessible via On-screen display or display pilot. To offer an unprecedented level of control and visibility, the black equalizer color engine technology is designed. There are many dark scenes in games. This technology helps to brighten the dark areas without overexposing bright areas.

ZeroFlicker technology of BenQ will help you to reduce your eye fatigue and enhance visual comfort through visual comfort. You don’t need any sunglass to protect your eyes and play the clear and hassle-free game. Because, this monitor offers various adjustable low blue light levels, which will protect your eyes.


  • Full HD monitor.
  • Low blue light
  • Black eQualizer
  •  Rubber stand and fordable flap
  • 1ms refresh rate
  • Weak flap.
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Philips 242G5DJEB

Philips 242G5DJEB is a 144Hz monitor, with 1 ms response time and a nice adjustable stand. All you can get under your budget is here on this monitor.

24 inch Full HD monitor with perfect refresh rate and response time will enhance your gaming performance. The design of this monitor is simply awesome. The sool adjustable stand allows you to adjust the height of the monitor according to your comfort zone. There is a loop, at the back of the monitor, which will hide the cables connected to the monitor. USB ports in the monitor will provide high-speed data transfer rate.

If you are a competitive console or pc gamer, this monitor gonna helps you a lot. As the refresh rate is 144 Hz, means the display can redraw the screen up to 144 times per second. Which is basically 2x faster than any standard display. This refresh rate will help you to play any faster game with full satisfaction without losing any frame. 1 ms GTG response time will help you to play faster moves smoothly without ghosting or missing. T

SmartFrame features of Philips monitor will help to highlight a specific area on the screen, by boosting the level of RGB in the selected area. In this way, you can easily find your hidden opponents. You can give more attention to the select area, as it will be bright and clearly visible.

Smartimage gaming presets will give you 6 modes. You can change the modes according to your game, such as FPS mode for the First person shooting games and Racing mode for racing games. Gamer1 and Gamer 2 mode is for your customized profile setting. SmartKeypad allows you to access your gaming presets easily.

  • 144 Hz refresh rate
  • 1 ms response time
  • Adjustable stand
  •  Gaming modes
  • LCD panel
  • Produces Blue Light
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Frequently asked questions about best gaming monitors under $300


Is there any benefit on having a 144 Hz monitor instead of 60 Hz?

Obviously, there is. 144 Hz refresh rate will help you to play ghost free game while 60 Hz will cause motion blur.

What’s is the difference between black and blue USB port?

Well, the black USB port means that it’s usb 2.0 port and the blue one is usb 3.0 port.

Can i get 144 Hz refresh rate on console games?

Unfortunately no, maximum console games will run on 60 Hz.

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